The great reason why cnc hardware parts are difficult to process

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Many cnc processing companies have encountered the problem of difficult-to-process parts. 

Next, the editor will explain why it is difficult to machine cnc parts. 

In order to achieve precise surface processing of parts, CNC hardware parts processing technology needs to choose ideal processing principles and precise forming activities. 

However, in addition to basic work, it is difficult to complete the precision machining principle of mechanical cnc, and there is still a big gap between the ideal value. 

If only an accurate evaluation is sought, it will affect the processing efficiency and fail to achieve the expected economic benefits.

The key factors affecting the hardness of cnc parts are as follows:

1.Factors of raw materials to be processed: The hardness of raw materials to be processed is very small, and the greater the plasticity of the raw materials, the more difficult it is to cold work.

2. Tool shape factors: the rake angle, edge angle and trailing edge wear of cnc machining tools have a great influence on the cold working hard layer. 

The hardness and depth of the hard layer increase with the decrease of the rake angle and the increase of edge and rear edge wear.

Changes in cutting speed and feed rate have a great influence on cold working hardness. 

As the cutting speed increases, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece becomes shorter, the degree of plastic deformation becomes smaller, and the hardness and hard layer decrease. 

As the feed rate increases, the level of plastic deformation and surface hardening increases.

Therefore, as long as the above factors can be properly prevented, there will be no problems with CNC machining parts.

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